We are MediaFocus – a small team of digital marketers.  Between us, we have over 25 years experience in IT, web innovation, media and marketing.

Primarily working on our own in-house projects – we create, manage and maintain a network of exciting websites designed to offer value, satisfy demand, engage customers… and keep them coming back!

We believe getting each of the fundamentals right is key to online success.


Web Design

With each of the MediaFocus team being proficient – we pride ourselves on building practical and professional, easy-to-navigate websites designed to please users.


Search engines can play a major role in sales, so optimising a website is important.  We keep up-to-date with the best and latest methods – implement, monitor and analyse.


Due to an increasing number of avenues to advertise, online and offline, we use research and experience to find the most cost-effective methods for each campaign.

Brand Management

Owning and maintaining a strong brand identity online can boost sales dramatically – it instils trust and helps convey instant authority on products and services with customers.


We like domains!  They’re used and seen everywhere, so getting it right can be great for business.

Keeping it short, simple and memorable all help gain authority and trust – important factors when it comes to the growing number of security conscious consumers.

When trading in the UK, the public have come to know and expect a .co.uk domain name, above even a .com – often mistaken for US websites.

We’ve understood their value for a while – so over the years have acquired a small portfolio of premium, generics – many yet to be developed – here’s a few:

We do receive a lot of interest in our domains – as such, where it makes sense, we do consider selling – if you’re interested in one please get in touch to discuss.


How do you value a domain?
Many factors e.g. keyword meaning, search stats, past published sales and lots more.

How do we complete a transfer?
This can be done safely and securely via an escrow service e.g. SedoTranspact or  Escrow.

How much are renewal rates?
Once a domain is under your ownership, yearly renewal rates are approx £5 – £10 a year depending on your registrar.


We usually work on our own projects but are always open to interesting opportunities and ideas – if you think we’d be a good match, let us know!



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